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Why monitor the dark web?

Businesses face growing cybersecurity threats. Protect your sensitive data with dark web monitoring from Safeweb and benefit from:

Insights on your stolen data so you can act immediately

Improved security position through proactive threat detection.

Monitoring of essential risk factors to protect your business online.

50k+ companies trust Safeweb

The dark web is a scary place

Learn why it's so important to monitor it:

Protect sensitive information

By monitoring the dark web you can detect the sale of confidential information, such as customer data, financial records, and login credentials.

Prevent cyber attacks

By monitoring the dark web, businesses can identify potential threats and prevent cyber attacks, such as ransomware and phishing schemes.

Maintain brand reputation

The dark web can be a source of negative information about a business, so monitoring it can help maintain a positive brand image.

Comply with regulations

Monitoring the dark web can help businesses comply with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA that require the protection of sensitive data.

Reduce financial losses

Businesses can prevent financial losses due to fraud and theft by monitoring the dark web for illegal activities related to their bank accounts and payment systems.

Stay ahead of criminals

Regular dark web monitoring can provide insights into the latest cyber attack methods and trends, helping businesses improve their overall security posture.

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