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Safeweb scans the Dark Web for sensitive company data and reports findings directly to your inbox. Know what's out there and take action now.

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The Cyber Security Tool for Small Businesses

Safeweb can help any business with sensitive data on the Web. This includes data on trusted websites – no system is infallible to the risk of data breaches. With the knowledge that SafeWeb provides, you can act to mitigate the risks of a data breach, reducing spam emails and scam phone calls and potentially avoiding fraudulent activity.

How could the Dark Web affect your business?

The anonymity of the Dark Web makes it a haven for criminals who want to profit by buying and selling data. Data is valuable — once compromised, cybercriminals can exploit it via identity theft and fraud.

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Safeweb's proprietary Dark Web monitoring service monitors over 100k email accounts and domains worldwide.

Protect your business

On average, a data breach incurs £8.5K of costs for a small business. But there are simple steps you can take to protect against this.