Dark Web 

The dark web is a hidden corner of the internet where cybercriminals operate with near impunity. It's where stolen data, hacking tools, and illegal activities thrive. We scan the dark web and alert you if sensitive business information such as passwords, emails and credit card details are found.

What exactly is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is the active scanning and tracking of activities occurring on the hidden and often illicit sections of the internet known as the dark web. If SafeWeb identifies any mentions or exposures of sensitive data such or information associated with your organisation, we’ll alert you.

24/7 Monitoring

Our system scans the dark web for the latest data breaches 24/7

Breach Alerts

Receive email alerts as soon as we find a new data breach

Exposure Report

Each month, you will receive a detailed analysis of your data breaches

Take Action

Our support team are on hand to help assist following a data breach

How Dark Web  Monitoring Works


Over 22 billion stolen data records exist on the dark web

And the odds are high that your company’s data is part of this staggering figure. In fact, 78% of new SafeWeb users have discovered breached data they were previously unaware of.

The Dark Web

Sounds scary. But what exactly is the dark web?

The dark web is different from the regular web in that it can't be accessed by the normal public. Nefarious actors, hack, share and/or sell millions of data records every day. Our system trawls the dark web to discover what data is available.

What can I do?

If my company's data is out there, what can I do to get it back?

While you can’t get your data ‘back’, you can mitigate the chance of harm. And that’s where SafeWeb can assist. By sending alerts about breached data, credentials can be changed, accounts locked down, and access and data records reviewed, helping avoid further harm..

The risks

What could happen if I don't act after a breach alert?

The imminent risks are two-fold. Commonly hackers will try to breach your accounts and spend your money, often with irreversible consequences. Alternatively, hackers will hold your accounts to ransom, cutting off your core critical services or even exposing your sensitive data.


Our Latest Stats


Checked for actively trust SafeWeb every month


Breaches identified and users automatically alerted


Saved through incident response actions


Average time to respond to breach incidents

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Customer Reviews

"The team behind this product is incredibly responsive. I had a couple of questions when I started, and they were there to guide me through the setup. Not to mention, the monitoring service itself is top-notch and affordable. This is saving me money and worries!"

Laura G

Saints and Stars Gym

"With the rising number of data breaches, this service is a godsend. I used to lose sleep over the idea of my personal data leaking online. But now, I have peace of mind knowing that I will be alerted immediately if something is amiss. The support is the cherry on top."

Emily R

E-com Freelance designer

"Data breaches are everyone's nightmare. I've always been concerned but never knew how to be proactive about it. This dark web monitor is exactly what I needed. It's vigilant, so I don't have to be. It's also incredibly user-friendly!"

Daniel S

Tours and Tickets

"I run a small business, and data protection is a big concern for me. This dark web monitor not only protects but also educates my team on the risks out there. Plus, the incident response feature is a game-changer. It's like having an extra layer of insurance but for your data."

Mike H


"I've been using this dark web monitor for a couple of months now, and it's honestly a lifesaver. The peace of mind knowing my data is being constantly monitored is priceless. And with GDPR breach insurance included, I know I'm covered if anything does happen. Fantastic product!"

Sarah P


"I can't emphasize enough how vital this tool has become in my life. From the dark web monitoring to the incident response features, it offers a holistic approach to data protection. I finally feel like I'm in control of my own data. Strongly recommend!"

Nathan F

Cyber Security

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All of Dark Web monitoring, AND:
GDPR breach incident response
Advanced Privacy Toolbox
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